near the lake, just after dark

by M. Moncrieff

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A collection of songs written during the downtime from Jason Wells' other project for algernon. While Jason was regrouping and recovering from an automobile accident for algernon took an unofficial hiatus. Unsure of what he wanted to do next he began writing and recording, reflecting on the wreck, a move to the country and saying goodbye possibly to music. The result is this album here, songs with a recurring theme of finding yourself and self acceptance, both dark and hopeful in tone.


released August 26, 2014



all rights reserved


M. Moncrieff Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: an ounce of honey
blue birds on a wire,
whistling about you and me
that you are a home,
that porch light that at the end of my days,
I always want to see

so lets dance with our neighbors
and return their favors
and an ounce of honey

should those termites set in,
well, we'll have to reconsider
do we treat 'em with poison,
sell this place to the highest bidder

or just dance with our neighbors
and return their favors
without ever getting bitter

remember when those blue birds sang
only for you and me
you are still the last thing, at the end of my road
I always want to see

so lets dance with our neighbors
and return their favors
and an ounce of honey
Track Name: 4 seasons
in the spring, in the fields
over seeds dug in with heels
I dance with you as the world swoons

in the summer, in the park
near the lake, just after dark
I wanna lay with you, under the moon

I've got so many reasons
I enjoy these season
so many reasons

in the autumn, under trees
falling stars, a warm breeze
I wanna catch you in piles and piles of painted leaves

in the winter, in the snow
over ice and hills we go
I wanna hold your hand, through our sleeves
Track Name: board games
you act as if it's all a game
every move, a defensive play
the rules are set, how the rules have changed
as long as you can get your way

I know my heart is of no concern
I know my match and still I choose
a hopeful thought, that you can learn
one who's lost, has nothing to loose

you can choke on all you've created
all the pieces you've tried escaping
soon it starts to all look the same
just more obstacles in your board game
Track Name: us & time
hey, I've got an idea
lets not think and just do this
lets go out dancing
and shake each other till we forget

all of the troubles of the day behind
and let the night undo our minds
my darling,all we've got is us & time

don't you feel alone
you know I'm just a phone call away.
these dark times sinking us down
you know that they never stay

if you're falling I will hit the ground first
if its too fast i'll throw it in reverse
if you're drowning I will be your air
you know, we're old enough to know that life isn't fair
Track Name: undertow
she stooped me at the corner store
as casual as an undertow.
she stood me up at her own party,
though I knew she'd never show
Track Name: arrow
in 95 we were both 19
we had a pulse, we had a dream
we talked of days and time was on our side

then came the day flew an arrow
it missed the apples and the hearts below
but sank the clouds where our heads reside

nightmares kept as an alarm
keep us awake, keep us in harm
keep the wolves just outside our door

but come on dear, come back to bed
let me ease those howls inside your head
crying for those days we knew before
Track Name: please don't be like everybody else
there's a darkness that never stops
it just plays out and rewinds
I get lost in all the what ifs
I mean my god we almost died
with a lantern and a treasure map
to the back of my mind
where I only see you, sometimes

on the fence and I'm going to fall
on one side or the other
I don't know who you're trying to be
but I do not need another
who's quick to wrap their arms around me
just like everybody else
please don't be like everybody else

please don't be like everybody
please don't be like everybody else
Track Name: hard heart
you think I'm crazy
but don't be surprised
if all these hummingbirds
have always been spies

you think I'm crazy
I proved you wrong
when I found the courage
to see you eye to eye

but I don't want to have to tear myself apart
only to win a little bit of your heart
your hard heart

you think I'm crazy
and all this a crime
because I stole your thunder and all your time
Track Name: M. Moncrieff (featuring GRAINS) - how stars are made
are you a cloud of dust
full of matter great
yet too small to see with my eyes
are you burning from the inside out
surrounded by things
bigger than you and I

don't be afraid,
that's how stars are made

a hundred billion tiny mirrors
cradled close in the cold,
collapsing on themselves and becoming one.
and will we be just a cloud of dust
when you finally shine
but even if you're the only one

don't be afraid,
that's how stars are made